Meir Niad

Start With a Good Headspace

The more we train the mind to notice distraction and come back to the present moment, the easier it becomes.

— Headspace

Distraction has gotten the best of me for a long time. It is very frustrating. There are times that I follow the distraction for hours before realizing how long I have been off of my route. It was once suggested to me to always carry a small notebook. If a distraction comes up, write it down and come back to it later. I tried that for a little while, and I like the concept – but for whatever reason I stopped that practice.

We exercise our bodies for physical appearance and health. Why are we not suggesting more often for people to exercise their minds for greater mental health? Perhaps society associates needing to put any work into the mind as being related to mental illness? Imagine if PE class in schools dedicated time weekly to mental health; that could do so much to reduce the stigma against mental illness and possibly the number of children that are quietly suffering.

I have been enjoying my new subscription to the Headspace app. I find it helpful to start each day with a short guided meditation. I feel very relaxed afterwards. While I work there are some options for “focus music” that I can choose from. There is a lot more content that I have yet to explore. I am on the family plan which costs $30 more per year, but it is good for 6 people. That is about $1.39/mo per person, which to me is a no-brainer great deal. Yes, maybe there are some free alternatives out there, but when you come across content that has value to you then you should support the creators so that they can continue to make new content.

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