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What is Content Marketing: SEO

Welcome to day 2 of What is Content Marketing. In our last session we had a brief intro to the strategy of content marketing. It is a shift of our thought process from our own goals to what the goals of the customer might be.


SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the art of designing a web page for optimal consumption by search engines for improved rankings.

Life is constant rankings

There is a difference between being listed in the top 20 search results on Google and merely being indexed. Let’s say you are searching for a plumber in your area, are you likely going to select a plumber from page 1 of the results or will you actually read 10 pages of results and think listing 102 here looks like a winner?

Not only do we compete with other search results organically, these days Google puts paid advertisements directly in the listings to look like regular search results.

Being someone who works to build and promote web pages, I probably shouldn’t say this, but I stand by the statement that the best referrals are word of mouth from a trusted source.

Even having said that, people still do their research and they don’t fancy those of us who place last so SEO is a must.

What Factors Affect SEO

This can change over time and is based on the search engine of choice. For example Google and Bing may put priority toward different factors.
Some top things to focus on are:

  •  Utilizing your focused keyword throughout your page via
    • the Page Title, Permalink & Description
    • as a caption for a graphic
    • in a header 
    • in the content on the page
  • Having internal and external page links
  •  Content with at least 600 words length
You can remember to do all of this checking on your own or you can use a handy plugin to help you.
All of our websites hosted at Niad Media receive access to the Rank Math SEO plugin included free.
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