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Royal Black Coffee by Organo Gold

The triple mushroom blend Royal Black Coffee for better health is here!

Royal Black Coffee


Ganoderma Lucidum


In ancient times, Reishi mushrooms were reserved for nobility and were called the mushroom of immortality to describe the all-encompassing health support that it could provide. Now, thousands of years later, you can have this antioxidant-rich mushroom at home.

Supports immune function

Gets you in a better mood

Aids in longevity

Helps Fight Stress


Nestled at the foot of the Himalayan mountains you can find the rare cordyceps mushroom. It was utilized for hundreds of years for healthy benefits. However, due to rarity, it was reserved for royalty… until now.

Supports physical performance

Enhances healthy energy

Helps boost stamina and endurance

Provides anti-aging properties


The ancient Chinese revered lion’s mane for its cognitive-enhancing abilities like heightening focus, memory, and concentration. Buddhist monks often used this mushroom to energize their minds and focus more during meditation.

Supports Cognitive Function

Great for the gut-brain axis

Boosts your focus and concentration

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