Meir Niad

Daydreaming with an ADHD Mind

I had a session of deep thought today that really intrigued me, enough so that I wanted to share it with you. I was thinking about my profession, software development. I thought, what do I like about this profession? What do others do in this profession? I took to the google. I searched “personal or company blog”. I read other people’s thoughts on the matter. I thought, what do I enjoy about this field? Do I like writing code? Do I like designing web pages? Would I like to write about my experiences? What do I have to share with the world from my years of experience? Some devs work for companies while others run at it solo. What is the goal? To get clients? Keep clients? How many clients? When is it enough vs too much? What am I trying to do, to help people or pay my bills – or both? <sarcasm>Fascinating stuff, right?</sarcasm>

I noticed that as I was thinking to myself, when I would edit and rewrite what I was thinking, I envisioned the backspace key controlling the cursor on the screen going backwards erasing my words and new words appearing. I thought to myself, I have thought of a number of topics today. This has been some good stuff. The kind of stuff that would make for good pieces of writing. I should write this down because I know I won’t remember it all. Does this mean I would enjoy a profession as a writer of some sort? Perhaps. Either way it was fun to think of these different topics and take each one down the google rabbit hole a little bit.

This was only a fragment of what was going through my mind today, that I have shared with you here. Maybe I have sparked my writing flame back up and you will see more posts from me on some sort of interval.

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