There is no Cloud.

There is no cloud. It is just someone else’s computer. That always makes me laugh. It is referring to cloud computing. “We’re going to move our servers to the cloud; it’s gonna be HUGE.” Okay, but do you know what that means? Marcelo Oliveira explains it well in his post so I will just direct …

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Is it okay to nap at work?

We’ve all been there, the after-lunch zombie phase signaling it’s time to get another refill of coffee (or dew). What if you could skip the caffeine and sugar by taking a quick nap instead? Studies suggest improved performance from 20 minute naps It may have started elsewhere, but I like to unofficially credit George Costanza …

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Time, Our Most Valuable Asset

Insert attention-grabbing text here! Did it work? When did life become so chaotic? Every day we are bombarded from every direction with ads, popups, notifications, calls, texts, emails, etc. Let’s not forget snail mail which also never stops. Jobs, spouses, children, pets, family, friends, teams, groups, clubs, organizations. Everyone and everything is competing for our …

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