Meir Niad


Disclaimer: I only advertise services and products that I also pay for myself. When you signup through my links, we are both rewarded.

Mint runs on the T-Mobile network. Pick a plan, they ship you a sim, boom…save money. Unlimited Minutes Text, Data Limit Plans or the new Unlimited Data Plan. Prices range from $15/mo – $30/mo inclusive, no extra taxes and fees added on later.

With just one Surfshark account, you can protect all your family devices.
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I have been enjoying my SimpliSafe security system for years now. It was easy to install and setup. I can add new devices easily and cheaply.
If you sign up through my link you will get a free camera for your new system, a $99 value. I like to use one of my cameras to watch our dog when we are out.

I most enjoy using Pocket Smith to track my budget because they have a calendar view that shows me what money is coming in and out each day along with what the balance of my accounts will be each day.
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