Meir Niad

Don’t Let Money Dictate Your Life

I see it every day, everywhere I look. People who are obsessed with money. They won’t admit it because they don’t see it that way. Over time, we have been brainwashed into thinking we need all of this “stuff”, to live at a certain “level of comfort”. It makes me ill to see what people spend money on or how some people live.

We can learn some good lessons from Ricky Gervais’s Derek, as seen in this clip about money:

You can’t buy happiness. Sure, there are things that we can do or buy with money to make life more enjoyable or more comfortable, but do we truly need those things? I am inspired by people who contribute to the world, not by people who over-indulge. I am inspired by people who live a content, minimal lifestyle. One of my favorite youtubers is Chrome at VanCity VanLife. Chrome made the decision to move out of his condo with an amazing view and into a van. He is on year 4 now of his vanlife. Sure his condo had an amazing view, but it was the same view every single day. Now he lives a life where he can have a different view every day including views that are not possible in a normal, static life. His van lifestyle costs less money to live, so he doesn’t need to earn as much money to maintain it. Sure he could live in his van and keep a full-time 40hr job, saving up that nest egg (that’s what we’ve been told to do since birth: earn that money and save it up). Save it up for what? So that when you retire at 65 you can look back at all the years you spent busting your ass and not living, thinking okay now I can finally have some fun with my earnings? How many more years will you have at that point to live? How many years of good health to be able to do those things?

We don’t know how much time we each will have to live so why not live every day doing work we are passionate about because of its output and not the paycheck, live contently within our means, and enjoy our relationships with each other.

Life is not about what’s in it for you; it’s about how you can contribute to the world.


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