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Work From Home Tips

Work From Home Tips

Having worked from home for over 12 years, I’d like to share some tips with you. Feel free to adapt them to your WFH life. 1. Have a routine Starting when you wake up all the way until you logout for the day. 2. Dress for success Even if you don’t have any video calls […]

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People > Numbers

Too often success is measured by numbers. How many people attended the event? Did we maintain our productivity rate goal? Have we hit one thousand followers yet? Finite Bosses Did the attendees have a great time? How satisfied are the patients with our services? Are our followers growing from our content? Caring Leaders who Change

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There is no Cloud.

There is no cloud. It is just someone else’s computer. That always makes me laugh. It is referring to cloud computing. “We’re going to move our servers to the cloud; it’s gonna be HUGE.” Okay, but do you know what that means? Marcelo Oliveira explains it well in his post so I will just direct

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Is it okay to nap at work?

We’ve all been there, the after-lunch zombie phase signaling it’s time to get another refill of coffee (or dew). What if you could skip the caffeine and sugar by taking a quick nap instead? Studies suggest improved performance from 20 minute naps It may have started elsewhere, but I like to unofficially credit George Costanza

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