Meir Niad

Thoughts on Leadership

I receive the Simon Sinek daily “Notes to Inspire” emails. Today’s note is: “The responsibility of leadership is to create more leaders”.

I can’t think of an organization that cares more about creating more leaders than the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs. I have worked with so many great gentleman from all over the continent and from many professions via FJMC. These are guys who are willing to talk you through anything you may be struggling with in your club or region and also anything you may be dealing with personally or professionally. I don’t remember who said it, but time is a person’s most valuable asset because it is something you give that cannot be replaced. Everyone in FJMC is a volunteer. I appreciate their time very much.

This quote from Simon also makes me think of my favorite quote: “The shamash is the candle that lights the others. Be a shamash.” – Rabbi David Wolpe. These two quotes go hand in hand for me. You can live your life as an outstanding individual in your field, but if you want to truly be a mensch then you owe it to the world to mentor others so that they too can reach their potential. Don’t limit your legacy to being remembered as a talented individual; be remembered for all that you gave back by helping and caring about others.

This post is dedicated in memory of my two friends who lived by example and left us too soon.

Steve Krodman, Z”L
Bryan Merrell, Z”L

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