Meir Niad

Sell First, Build Later: A Motivation Strategy

I have been hearing this advice more and more on Clubhouse recently. One example was a person who had a hard time getting started writing their book. They were told, first sell at least 500 copies and then write the book; that way you have 500 people to let down if you don’t follow through. This concept is very interesting to me. Another example was someone who wanted to put together an online course. They were also told, sell the course first; then you will have all these people waiting to take the course, counting on you to deliver. Note, that however you apply this in your life your goal should be about putting out quality work and not just a fast-track to getting paid.

This strategy could also be a good way to fine tune an idea or avoid a bad idea before having invested many hours of your time. What if you completed your project first only to find out later that nobody is interested in that topic? Now imagine the alternative, you pitch your idea and don’t peak any interest. You then modify and tweak the idea, and it gets a lot of interest. Now you have your audience’s attention and can spend your time delivering what they want instead of what you thought they wanted.

Have you tried this approach? What was your experience?

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