Month: September 2020

Time, Our Most Valuable Asset

Insert attention-grabbing text here! Did it work? When did life become so chaotic? Every day we are bombarded from every direction with ads, popups, notifications, calls, texts, emails, etc. Let’s not forget snail mail which also never stops. Jobs, spouses, children, pets, family, friends, teams, groups, clubs, organizations. Everyone and everything is competing for our …

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Thoughts on Leadership

I receive the Simon Sinek daily “Notes to Inspire” emails. Today’s note is: “The responsibility of leadership is to create more leaders”. I can’t think of an organization that cares more about creating more leaders than the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs. I have worked with so many great gentleman from all over the continent …

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Find the Positive

We always have a choice. When I got the call back in March that our company was furloughing us, I was shell-shocked. The Pandemic just got personal. What does this mean? How long will this last? So many unknowns. Some things we can’t change, but we always have a choice. We can choose how we …

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